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How to buy small kitchen appliances?

2018-04-21 20:48:04

What are the purchasing skills of small kitchen appliances


Pressure cooker, rice cooker, juicer, soybean milk machine, microwave oven, induction cooker... These dazzling small appliances enrich the variety of food, but also greatly reduce people's labor intensity. However, professionals also remind consumers that the choice of poor quality small appliances or improper use of small appliances will make the kitchen, which is originally a very warm place to hide security risks.


Choose well-known enterprises with large scale, good product quality and service quality. Because generally large shopping malls have better after-sales service.


Recognize the "CCC" sign. Electric food processing equipment is a national mandatory certification of the product (that is, "CCC"), so consumers in the purchase of electric food processing equipment must see whether the purchase of "CCC" certification certificate, whether marked with "CCC" certification mark.


Safety should be emphasized. Nowadays, the safety of small household appliances is generally poor, and it should be used when purchasing, and products with relatively smooth sound and small vibration should be selected during operation. Pay attention to the packing. Packaging should be strict, marking should be regular, good shock resistance and so on.


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Do not put it in a wet place food processing appliances such as electrical resistance, insulation and other safety indicators decline easily cause leakage injury. In the dry place should also pay attention to improve the protective grounding device.

Matters needing attention

Do not operate electric food processing equipment for a long time (beyond the time specified in the instructions); Can not process more than the quantity of materials specified in the manual; Can not process other things except the instructions.