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How to choose a bathtub?

2018-04-25 06:24:22

When we buy a bathtub, we need to consider a lot of things, first to consider the brand and material, which is usually determined by the purchase budget; Then consider the size of the bathtub, the shape and the position of the faucet hole, which are determined by the layout and objective size of the bathroom; Finally, choose the style and tranquility of the bathtub according to your own hobbies and preferences. How to choose a bathtub? The following Xiaobian will introduce some knowledge for everyone to exchange. So in the purchase should be very clear to know how big they need to bathtub, it is worth noting that the size of the same bathtub, in depth, width, length and outline are not the same. If you prefer to dip in deep water, check the height of the waste outlet. In addition to the convenient faucet design, different shapes and sizes of handrails for you to choose from. If you like the bathtub installed in the corner, you should know that it takes up space than the general rectangular bathtub, and you should check whether the bathroom allows you to choose this bathtub. In the style of modern bathtub, there are mainly two types of independent foot design and inlaid on the ground. The former is suitable for placing in the bathroom space area of the larger residential, it is best placed in the middle of the entire space, this arrangement can bring users unparalleled aristocratic enjoyment; The latter is suitable for settling in the general area of the bathroom, if the premise agrees, it is best to place the window, in the daytime bath beautiful window scenery will also bring the user a very romantic feeling infection. Tip 1: When selecting the material, you can knock the bathtub to determine the thickness of the bathtub, the domestic bathtub is generally about 3mm, and the thickness of the bathtub in Germany can reach about 8mm, and the natural will not crack. How to buy a bathtub? Trick two: Choose a tuina bathtub, the sound is often easily ignored, but it is very important, if the motor noise is too large, enjoyment is not, but has become a burden. Trick three: To buy a high-end bathtub, it is best to "test the water" when buying, listen to the sound, taste the temperature, and never regret it. How to buy a bathtub? Trick four: Choose a tuina bathtub, it is best to choose a skirt, if the motor has a problem, easy to disassemble and repair. How to buy a bathtub? Trick five: If you want to buy a tuina bathtub, it is best to choose a pure entrance, that is to say, it is best to use more than 10,000 yuan.