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How to choose a four-piece bedding set?

2018-04-18 00:00:53

With the increase of businesses, the four-piece bed market is more and more chaotic, where can you buy a real four-piece bed? Even if you find a good business how to buy a good four-piece bed set is very important! The four-piece bed set refers to the bedding that must be used on the bed. The four-piece bed set includes: a quilt cover, a sheet and a pair of pillows. The four-piece bed sets are mostly cotton based. Which four-piece bed set how to choose? Let's learn how to buy bedding!


Four-piece bed set purchase point 1: It is recommended to look at the four-piece fabric bed sheet, look at the light, you can see the textile pattern, the textile pattern conditioning can see the textile hole clearly, the cotton thread density is uniform for the top quality, if you can not see the textile hole may be more sizing, although the feeling is thick but touch the relatively hard, this kind of water washing slurry is not so thick feeling, and the cloth is soft and easy to wrinkle. Not recommended.


Four sets of purchase points on the bed two: touch feel in the hand carefully feel, more texture, soft texture, thick, comfortable to touch, skin affinity is better for the top product. Skin friendly bed products will be more intimate and comfortable when used.


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Bed four sets of purchase points four: look at the regular home production of four sets of bed have washing mark, tag, pay attention to check when buying, washing mark has product model, washing method, fabric texture, etc., and has a fixed trademark position, this is very important, home textile city irregular products are generally not washed mark.