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How to choose a "massage chair"

2018-02-23 00:00:00

As people pay more and more attention to health, health care equipment such as massage sticks, massage chairs, massage machines, and therapeutic instruments are increasingly entering ordinary people's families. From up to tens of thousands of dollars of advanced massage chairs, to hundreds of dollars, tens of dollars of ordinary treatment devices, massagers, many people at home, these health care equipment is no longer rare. With the continuous expansion of the massage chair market, there are now known massage chair companies at least 70 degrees, so how do you choose a cost-effective massage chair?


Leather for massage chairs

1. Make it clear why you choose a massage chair:

Before you buy a massage chair, you must first make it clear whether to buy a massage chair for your own use or as a gift, to send the elderly, to send friends or to customers. If you use it yourself, you should pay more attention to the function, especially the strength of the massage chair, that is to say, the practical function is first, and the flashy function is optional. The price of massage chairs with excellent quality and advanced technology is also relatively high, and the movement and intelligent electronic control part of massage chairs will account for a lot of costs. Send massage chair to honor the elderly, to take into account that the elderly are not like young and middle-aged people can withstand a lot of power, massage chair massage granularity should choose to be gentle, comfortable, such massage chair is generally not high price, and very practical for the elderly. Send a friend is the choice of the massage chair appearance to some atmosphere, appropriate some luxurious configuration, so that the money spent can be enough to have face.

2. The massage effect is the key point to distinguish the grade of the massage chair:

The massage effect of the back of the chair is the part that best reflects the technology of the massage chair, a good massage chair should be heavy and painless, and the intelligent search point area should be accurate. Don't massage your head the same way you massage your back. The design and technology of the massage chair can be reflected in whether the force of the cervical and lumbar vertebrae is sufficient.

3, the degree of attention to additional functions does not need to be too high:

Don't pay too much attention to the incidental features, if you pay more attention to the main part, you will regret it later. In the massage chair, the salesperson may introduce you to how many kinds of functions, such as foot massage air bags, arms and air bags, music is very good, there is a TV here, where there is a. At this time, do not forget that the most important thing you should pay attention to is whether the back massage is in place, if the effect of the back massage is general, then most of this is a low-grade high-configuration massage chair that buyers regret.

4, listen to the sound to identify the quality of the motor:

Listen to the size of the noise when the massage chair is running, and the noise indicates that the motor power is insufficient and the mechanical structure is not precise.

5, leg massage function:

Some massage chair leg massage part installed a leg machine, generally speaking, leg machine due to the use of engineering plastic structure, life is much lower than the quality massage chair, responsible for the home generally will not do so. Unless the massage chair itself isn't doomed. Good massage chair foot massage is the use of roller massage without dead corners, but the home will not have a large area of roller massager!

Matters needing attention

Because there are many brands of massage chairs at present, when purchasing a massage chair, we must pay attention to whether the brand of this chair is a first-line brand!


Look at the reputation of consumers, a big brand is guaranteed, can not avoid future maintenance, small brands are not guaranteed!