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How to choose a milk warmer

2018-04-21 22:24:12

Now the milk warmers on the market are varied, how to choose, should pay attention to those factors?


The diameter of the inner cavity should be greater than 7.5cm, no side wide mouth bottle can not be put;


The depth of the inner cavity should be greater than 8cm, otherwise the bottle will expose a large section, heat dissipation is fast, and the temperature will not go up


Temperature control range of 40℃ ~ 100℃, low temperature is used to warm milk, medium temperature is used to heat rice paste, high temperature is used to sterilize small pieces such as pacifiers;


This article is based on experience


The electric heating body should be open, hidden and dirty, and even the product can not work properly due to too thick scale

Matters needing attention

This method is a personal choice of milk warmer method, hope to be useful to friends. Share a milk warmer I bought for my child, interested mothers can follow the link below.