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How to choose a proper English name

2018-02-18 06:24:00

Since the reform and opening up of our country, the advanced experience and technology of foreign countries are introduced constantly, and the culture of foreign countries also permeates some aspects of our life. Especially the popularity of foreign TV series, and our tide of learning English, so that many people feel that foreign things are very foreign, want to have their own foreign things, including names. How to choose a proper English name? Let me briefly say, for your reference.


Knowledge of the culture of English-speaking countries


First of all, it is important to know the gender of different English names. As with traditional names in our country, most are gender-specific: John, Jack, Tom, etc. are used for men, and Jane, Mary, Rose, etc. are used for women. So choose the correct English name according to your gender to avoid jokes.


In English, there are some names suitable for children or young people, Sally, Sophie; Some names seem more mature and stable, Joanna, Barbara, according to their actual age to use.


Due to historical and cultural reasons, there are some English names that British people use more, Rowland and Willie; And some are more popular with Americans, Bob and Mariah. So when choosing a name, you can refer to whether your surroundings are more traditional British atmosphere or more liberal American style.


In English names, many words have intrinsic meaning or emotion. Stewart means "honesty and integrity" and Steven means "patience and perseverance." So the two names can be used for men with different personalities. Before you take a name, you can look into the meaning of the name, so that it does not match your goals.


Some foreign stars also have a large number of fans in our country, so you can choose your favorite stars and use their names as your English names, so that others will easily read your English name, and it will be easier to remember, Michael, Celine, Justine and so on.


In addition, for Chinese people, it is also very wise to choose an English name that sounds similar to their Chinese name. His English name is Jet Li, and the pronunciation of "Jet" and "Jie" is similar. Or the English meaning is the Chinese name is also OK, Chinese name "Jade", you can choose" jade "as the English name.

Matters needing attention

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