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How to choose a proper English name?

2018-02-18 09:36:00

When it comes to Chinese people taking English names, you can refer to the practice of some stars, that is, to find the English name that sounds closest to their Chinese name. For example, we all know that the doctor Eason Chan, Eason and Yi Xun homophony, so the first listen to remember, and Tom, Bob and other things are more recognizable. Then big Xian Zhang Zhilin, everyone called him Chilam, but also because in Cantonese, Zhilin and Chilam pronunciation is closer. And Faye Wong, just go by Faye, simple and easy to remember. Maggie Cheung's name sounds good, too. Jay's Jay is the same way.


Alex (Alex) : Protector Alan (Alan) : Happy Andrew (Andrew) : manly Albert (Albert) : clever Arthur (Arthur) : hero Brian (Brian) : strong Bill (Bill) : staunch defender Benjamin (Son of the South) : Benjamin Bruce: Forest Bruno: brown or black skin tone Benny: leadership Brad: Broad Charles: Strong Carlos: free man Carl: Great man