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How to choose a psychologist

2018-04-07 11:12:27

For the first time, people who seek psychological counseling help may face many psychological counseling institutions and psychological counselors, will be dazzled and confused, the following points will help you in a relatively short time, learn to choose a professional psychological counselor: First, learn to see the introduction of psychological counselors in psychological institutions, generally understand from the following points: whether to graduate from psychology: in general, the class The study and professional training received by the physical consultant will be more standardized. Whether there is a professional qualification: engaged in psychological counseling work, need to have a state-recognized "psychological counselor" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security) or "psychotherapist" (Ministry of Health) qualification, do not have these two qualifications can not engage in psychological counseling activities. Consultant's experience and years: The professional will be based on the cumulative consultation time and the cumulative number of reception cases to describe the consultant's experience, the cumulative time of more than 500 hours or the number of reception cases more than 100 people are considered to have a certain experience of the consultant, but this should also be established on the basis of the professional knowledge and qualification of the consultant. Second, learn to seek the help of search engines, you can get the information of consultants in search engines such as google consultants' articles: you can see the professional level, depth of thought and understanding of human nature from the words of consultants. Courses taught by consultants: we can understand their good direction from the theme of professional courses taught by consultants, in addition, consultants who often teach psychological counseling courses to professionals or college students, their professional level is recognized in their peers. Consultant blogs and: We can also learn about the professional dynamics and personal practices of consultants. Third, first play, from the consultant's assistant or agency reception staff to get intuitive feelings: enthusiasm but not fire: excellent consultants will work in more professional consulting institutions, if independent consultants will have higher requirements for assistants, so the reception staff will be well-trained, have a certain amount of professional knowledge, they will be enthusiastic and active to ask you about your situation, according to the situation To refer you to the right counselor, not to rush you into an appointment without knowing anything. Beware of over-marketing: Good consulting teams place high demands on receptionists, who are asked to consider their clients' feelings. If you feel uncomfortable because of the overselling of the reception staff, it is best not to choose a consultant from this agency.