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How to choose a seat online in the airline's official website?

2018-03-14 11:12:13

Check-in through the official website of Shenzhen Airlines can reduce the stay time of passengers at the airport and create convenience for everyone to travel. Through the official website check-in, users can print their own boarding pass, and then carry the document directly to the airport boarding, very convenient.


Computer or intelligence


Personally identifiable information


1. Log in to the official website of aviation.


2. Click "Check-in". Then fill in the user's identity information and flight information, click Confirm.


3. If you find your flight information, click "Online check-in". At this time, the user needs to verify the information to avoid mismultiplication. In addition, there are some things to read that need to be checked after browsing.


4, this time will display the check-in seat map page, we choose the seat. Note that the blue seats are optional, while the gray ones are already available. The green moving block on the model plane on the right refers to the position of the seat on the entire plane. Once you have selected your seat, click "Check-in".


5, at this time the page will pop up a dialog box, need to enter the passenger information. Users need to fill in. If you are a member of Shenzhen Airlines, the member card number also needs to be filled in.


6, after confirming the check-in, the system will pop up a prompt to print the boarding pass according to the user's information, and the user can complete the printing through any way. You can also go to the airport on the same day for on-site printing. END

Matters needing attention

The information of the passenger must be accurate and the proof can be an ID card, an e-ticket number or a passport. However, the ID number must be consistent with the user's own ID card.


Up to three passengers can be booked at a time.