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How to choose clothes that fit a Y-shaped woman

2018-03-13 09:36:00

V-shaped body is wide in the upper body and thinner and thinner from below the hips, just like a "V" word, also known as Y shape, T shape, strawberry shape. The main features are: broad shoulders, thick and strong shoulders, large breasts, looking like the upper body than the lower body fat.


With a Y shape, the eye will be focused on the upper body, so the top must fit well. If you wear clothes that are too loose, you will be misunderstood as having a fat upper body. Perfect for small fitted suits, not worn in tight clothing, the V-neck provides a view that goes down with the tip.


When matching the Y shape, you should transfer the attention to the shoulders, focus the highlights on the middle, below the waist, or create curves, which will make people feel that the upper and lower balance is a lot or choose an asymmetric shoulder design.


A Y-shaped figure is not suitable for a straight-leg H-shaped dress. Straight dresses from top to bottom, with rounded shoulders and breasts as the benchmark width, there is no way to show the waist or create curves. The shortcomings are completely exposed from the side. The waist line should not be too high, especially the Y shape compared with the upper circumference, with a high waist line, it will make people feel that the upper body is bloated and the waist is thick, which brings a very heavy sense of pressure visually.


The Y-shaped figure is suitable for clothing that allows people to focus on the vision except for the shoulders and arms. Use V-neck clothes to focus the vision to the center, or design a special dress at the collar and hem to transfer the vision.


If you choose the right shawl long hair, you can slightly ease the upper body that looks strong, because you can cover the shoulders to a large extent, making you look thinner.


Y-shaped body taboo to avoid all wide shoulder clothing, open-shoulder neckline, small and narrow neckline, shoulder decoration, shoulder pads style must be avoided, will aggravate the shoulder line appears wider. If it is a relatively fat Y shape, to avoid large group of tops, will bring a sense of expansion, will make your upper body appear fatter.