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How to choose skin care products for men? Male skin care product selection method

2018-04-18 03:12:47

As modern people pay more attention to skin care, more and more men begin to maintain their skin. However, men's skin conditions are different from women's, so the use of skin care products is also different. So in winter, how should men choose the right skin care products? Let's take a look!


1. Facial cleanser Men's skin oil secretion is more, pores are relatively large, so men's facial cleanser should be based on refreshing oil control. In winter, you should use a mild cleanser with appropriate cleaning force, too strong cleaning force will easily take away facial oils, thus making the skin drier.


2. Toner In the summer, most men use a refreshing oil-controlled toner, while in the winter, a refreshing oil-controlled toner will only make the skin become more and more dry. Moisturizing essence is especially good for the skin, so in winter men should use a high-moisturizing toner, which can help the skin fight dry and replenish adequate water.


3. Lotion/cream The oil secretion of men's skin will not decrease with age, so in winter, men should choose moisturizing smooth and non-greasy lotion or cream.


This page is taken from experience without authorization


4. Shaving cream Men generally like shaving cream containing alcohol and menthol, and believe that the cool feeling after shaving helps to reduce the burning after shaving. But in the winter it can dry out the skin after shaving. Therefore, winter men should choose mild and non-irritating shaving cream.


5. Perfume Men's perfume should be based on wood fragrance, fragrance or smoke fragrance, which will give people a solemn feeling, and can reflect the unique male charm.


The above is how to choose the content of skin care products, after reading I believe that men know how to choose skin care products! Since men's skin conditions are different from women's, it is best for men not to use the skin care products of women around them. END