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How to choose the first suite and precautions

2018-03-28 20:48:15

Most people buy the first suite are very confused, see a lot of real estate, not the price can not accept, is the location, or the pattern is not good. I can't always please you. I am also from this kind of look at the house to buy a struggle to come, and finally got the following experience for your reference.




1. The purpose of the purchase must be clear. Whether to own or invest. Owner-occupied to consider their own needs, if it is investment must look at the development potential of the house, the focus is not the same. Generally speaking, most of the first apartments tend to be owner-occupied. It has to start from the needs of the family, whether to consider the school district house, whether to be close to the work place and so on. It can be incorporated into a narrower home purchase.


2. How much you want to spend on a home. Calculate your budget first, basically the house will not waste too much time.


3, determine the house type and average price range. According to the family needs and future plans, combined with the house purchase money can roughly determine whether to three rooms a living room or two rooms a living room, how much is the average price? .


4, determine the purchase area and search real estate information. Basically 1, 2 points to determine the relevant area can be locked to the Internet or the region to find real estate information


5, after determining the real estate recommendations on the field visit. You can inspect the property from the surrounding environment, your own preferences, the style of the property, and then screen the unit type, the key is also to look at: the pattern of the house, lighting and permeability, quality, supporting the community, greening, floor area ratio, the strength of the developer, etc. Everyone has different requirements for the house, so the proportion of each factor is also different. Home buyers must distinguish their priorities, to fully achieve their idealized house is difficult to find.

Matters needing attention

1, understand the strength of the housing developer, and whether the five certificates are complete.


2, choose the loan method, the best choice of provident fund loan. Choose real estate ask whether it is OK.


3. Pay attention to the interest rate and method of loan repayment. In general, there are two kinds of loans: one is equal in principal and interest, and the other is equal in principal. In the former monthly payment, the proportion of principal increases and the proportion of interest decreases month by month. It is more suitable for families with relatively stable income, and the second type pays back the principal in equal amounts every month, and the loan interest decreases month by month with the principal. Suitable for people with high income, strong repayment ability and plan to repay the loan in advance.