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How to choose the right family clothing?

2018-03-25 06:24:33

How to choose the right parent-child clothing suitable and beautiful parent-child clothing, not only in the style, modeling tends to be perfect, give people a good feeling, but also reveal people's emotions and inner world, is the carrier of expressing people's thoughts and emotions, is the most beautiful thing to convey love, then how can the mothers of the upper family families choose the right parent-child clothing? Comfortable fabrics are the most basic needs of clothing, but also the need for treasure health, it is best to choose warm, easy to move through the fine processing of natural fabrics. Cotton fabric: warm and have good breathability, suitable for children's tender skin and lively nature needs. Good texture of pure wool: to choose a well-processed pure wool fabric, will not shrink, will not cause irritation to the skin. Double-layer fabric: the inner layer is cotton or other skin-friendly fabric, and the outer layer is wool or good texture fleece. The surface is extremely lightweight, the lining is extremely comfortable, and although it is double-layer construction, it does not affect the movement at all. Corn fiber fabric: moisture-absorbing, the processed products have silky and comfortable skin touch and feel, will not stimulate the skin, and is beneficial to human health, excellent comfort, good drape, good heat resistance and anti-ultraviolet function. Secondly, the principle of wholeness: Parent-child clothing style modeling can not be too adult, psychologically give people a "little adult" feeling, or the style is biased towards children, it gives people a "childish, artificial" feeling, so, parent-child clothing to choose those colors elegant and not too complicated style, not necessarily with the baby wearing exactly the same is the parent-child clothing, but also can echo in the face and details, It gives people a feeling of "you have me, I have you". Parent-child clothing itself represents happiness, but also expresses a beautiful, positive, energetic and sunny spirit, so it is very meaningful to buy a suitable parent-child clothing for the family.