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How to choose the right lipstick color for you

2018-03-26 14:24:23

Different girls have different skin tones, so when it comes to choosing lipstick, it is also individual. People often say that I and friends use the same lipstick number ah, why I wipe out not as good as it. That's because you have a different skin color. Different skin tones should choose different shades of lipstick. Now listen to me.


Lip brush




We Asians are all yellow skin, but the degree of yellow skin is different. I fall into three categories: fair, yellow, and black. Decide on your skin tone first.


In addition, I roughly divided the mouth red number into several categories: orange, nude, pink, red. Of course, if you have the courage to wear the blue or black lipstick that Europeans like to go out, I have nothing to say.


Orange is good for girls with fair or normal yellow skin. Orange will make the whole person look very energetic, but painted can be full of vitality.


Nude looks good on girls with darker skin. Nude looks great on dark skin. But fair skin and natural skin color sister still do not try, do not know that you want to anemia. It's very sick.


The pink type is good for fair-skinned girls. White skin on a smear of powder, can be described as sweet and bright. Not recommended for girls of any other color.


Big Red looks good on almost all skin tones. So pretty much every girl has a big red lipstick.


There are too many lipstick colors, it is impossible to be specific to each color, the general classification of these several. In fact, more often than not, you need girls to try. Hopefully these will give you a sense of where to go.