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How to choose the right outdoor light flashlight? Buy flashlight precautions!

2018-04-20 19:12:13

Since it is an outdoor flashlight, Xiaobian suggests that you must buy a flashlight with strong comprehensive performance such as battery life, brightness, clarity, suitable movement, and stability. The following Xiaobian will analyze it from the following aspects!


Brand about flashlight quality problems. Are you still buying wild fire and other brand name products? A lot of introductions are very cow, but the specific is not the real goods after checking you will be surprised, suggest more mixed posts, more search dozens of brand information, slowly you will know what brand is really reliable.


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The flashlight is a strange shape? Which suits you? Small straight tube suitable for edc portable, daily use, occasionally outdoor will do. Some heads are larger than the body, but also moderate belong to the comprehensive outdoor flashlight, and the big head and small butt are search type flashlights, which can be considered for mountain climbing and extreme outdoor sports.


If you want to have both hands, the headlamp can be, the abductor flashlight can also be, the head belt is good, and the other small series suggests that the flashlight ipx8 waterproof, it will not fall off the chain when it rains.


About the distance of the shot and the width of the shot. Isn't that easy to understand? In fact, it is a professional problem of concentrating and flooding, lighting the road to choose the floodlight and far-light, search to choose the long-range.


Color temperature, 6000k and above some white, looks quite bright, but the light is not very clear, 5000 and below the real degree is higher.