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How to classify coffee machines

2018-03-20 01:37:00

The production of each cup of coffee must go through elaborate and complicated steps, and grasp the operating points of each step in order to maximize the mellow flavor of coffee. With personally ground coffee powder as raw materials, put them in the coffee machine to "suffer", let the taste of coffee wandling strong, enjoy the aroma of coffee in advance, this process seems to be more meaningful than coffee. Making coffee is not as simple as putting ground coffee in water and boiling it together. Coffee brewing not only to have professional equipment, the water temperature, coffee powder and water ratio requirements are also very fine. People have a long history of drinking coffee, so coffee machines are constantly changing as coffee culture evolves. Siphon coffee machine, moka pot, drip coffee machine, piston coffee machine... Coffee machines are different, the working principle is different, to meet people's different needs for coffee, it is not surprising that there are many types of coffee machines in a European family. First, siphon coffee machine: Siphon coffee machine, there are two glass balls, there is an alcohol lamp below, it looks like a chemical experiment equipment. To make coffee with this coffee machine, the precision and patience really have the professionalism of doing experiments. The siphon coffee machine is to add hot water in the lower hemisphere, add coffee powder in the upper hemisphere, and light the alcohol lamp. After the water boils, the water in the lower hemisphere rises to the upper hemisphere, and gently stir with a mixing stick to make the water and coffee powder fully mixed. After heating for a while, turn off the heat, filter the coffee liquid in the upper hemisphere, drip into the lower hemisphere, and the coffee is ready. Features: The process is full of fun, and you can also enjoy the process of coffee quenching, so it can increase the atmosphere of drinking coffee. During the brewing process, the temperature can be accurately maintained between 91 and 95 degrees Celsius, so that the coffee produced by the brewing not only tastes strong and does not have bitter taste, but also can brew coffee with personal flavor. Drip coffee machine: Drip coffee machine is probably the most commonly used method of making coffee, because it is simple and convenient. The operation of the electric drip coffee machine is very simple, as long as the required water is added to the tank, the filter paper is put into the funnel filter, and then the coffee powder is put into the filter paper, the power switch is turned on, and a pot of homemade fragrant coffee is cooked. Features: Convenient, fast, but without losing the fun of brewing coffee and rich flavor. Mocha coffee machine: Speaking of the Italian mocha pot, also known as "strong coffee on the stove". Mocha coffee machine looks very beautiful, the lower pot of water, the filter bucket in the middle of the coffee powder, put the pot on the heating device directly cook, so that in a minute you can make quite strong coffee meaning. Features: It has a rich aroma and a strong bitter taste, with a thin layer of coffee oil emerging on the surface, which is the source of the attractive aroma of Italian coffee. Coffee brewing has precise requirements on the water temperature, that is, the water temperature should be 92 degrees to 96 degrees, if the water temperature is too high, the coffee will be a cup of burnt taste of bitter water, because the temperature above 96 degrees can destroy the oil in the coffee, the taste is bitter and astringent. Use different coffee machines to brew coffee with different thickness of coffee powder, mocha coffee machine to finer coffee powder. The quality of the coffee is important, and even small amounts of chlorine, iron, or other mineral impurities can affect the purity of the coffee. It is best to brew coffee in filtered water, or in cold water that has been sitting for a while. Coffee should be drunk within 30 minutes after brewing, leaving coffee too long will become bitter.