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How to classify jade bracelets? What are the categories of jade bracelets?

2018-03-17 11:12:46

The jade bracelet is more than cut into a circle of independent individuals, generally worn in pairs, in the form of a cylinder is more common, this kind of jade bracelet is also used to call "jade ring". From the Sui and Tang dynasties to the Song Dynasty, it was common for women to decorate their arms with jade bracelets, which were also known as jade arm bracelets. Yan Liben's "Bunian Picture" and Zhou Fat's "Ladies Wearing Flowers" in the early Tang Dynasty clearly depict the female image of the bracelet jade armlet. From this point of view, wearing jade armband is not only limited to the court nobility, the common people are also very keen on this. In the mural paintings and paintings with Buddhist themes, the images of ladies, avatars and bodhisattvas often appear to wear jade bracelets, which reflects the popular fashion of women wearing jade bracelets in the Tang Dynasty.


In the general understanding, jade bracelets are green, in fact, this is not right. In fact, there are purple and red jade bracelets, according to the jade quality it can be divided into: full of green bracelets, Fu Lu Shou bracelets, gold jade bracelets, violet bracelets, full of red bracelets, white jade bracelets, cyanine jade bracelets.


Full of green bracelet, refers to the overall color of the bracelet is green, there is no other color, if the kind of bracelet is good (glass or ice), the water head is good, the color is positive, then such a bracelet can be called the jade bracelet in the best, very rare.


Fu Lu Shou bracelet, refers to the bracelet with the most matching red, green, purple three colors. This is a relatively rare three colors, especially the three colors are properly distributed (that is, the three colors each account for 1/3, or green accounts for more, such as green 3/5, red and purple each account for 1/5), it is superior. Of course, it also depends on the depth and brightness of these three colors. If the red, green, purple color distribution is appropriate, the color is very bright, coupled with the kind of good, good quality, such a jade bracelet can be said to be priceless, it is difficult to find in nature.


Gold silk jade bracelet, refers to the green in parallel silk distribution of bracelets. Its value can be seen from two aspects, on the one hand to see whether its "silk", "strip" is wide or narrow, its density is large or small (that is, the total area of green), of course, should also take into account whether the color is bright; On the other hand, look at whether its bottom is clean, whether the species is transparent, and whether the quality is fine.


The surface of the jade bracelet is mostly plain, smooth and flat, but there are also carved bracelets. In addition, as a repair method of damaged bracelets, bracelets inlaid with precious metals such as gold and silver can often achieve amazing results after the skillful hands of goldsmiths.


From the appearance of the bracelet, it is divided into two kinds: round bracelet and princess bracelet. The shape of the round bracelet is exactly round, and the princess bracelet is oval. From the shape of the section of the bracelet, it is divided into flat bracelet, round bar bracelet and Angle bracelet. The inside of the bracelet is flat, the outside is circular arc, the overall cross-section shape is approximately semicircle, also known as "blessing bracelet"; The cross-section shape of the round bar bracelet is round, and it is also called "longevity bracelet"; The Angle bracelet is basically flat inside and outside, or the arc is very small, the section shape is approximately rectangular, this bracelet has a nickname, called "Princess bracelet".