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How to clean and maintain children's shoes

2018-03-12 16:00:00

How to clean and maintain children's shoes 1) Children's shoes cleaning: shoes do not brush, exposure and fire baking, so as to avoid deformation of shoes. If the children's shoes are soaked or wet, soft cloth can be used to gently wipe dry, and remove the dirt on the shoe, and then use dry newspaper to make paper balls in the shoes, and as far as possible to put the shoes in a ventilated and cool place, natural air dry. We must not use quick methods such as hair dryers, dryers or sun drying, because rapid drying is easy to accelerate the oxidative aging of children's shoes and reduce the life of shoes. Children's shoes should be cleaned regularly. Leather, artificial leather children's shoes products should be avoided when cleaning water, exposure to the sun or high temperature drying, so as not to cause aging, deformation, fading. Cloth children's rubber shoes should be washed with a soft brush when cleaning with detergent, but should avoid excessive force and cause damage to the fabric material or the surrounding strip. Do not be exposed to the sun at high temperatures, should be dried in a cool and ventilated place, to avoid the side and outsole material aging, discoloration. 2) Daily maintenance of children's shoes: leather children's shoes products should be often greased to ensure the toughness and brightness of the leather, smooth leather can be leather maintenance oil, white leather children's shoes products can be leather maintenance oil or coated with colorless shoe polish. Children's shoes products should avoid contact with sharp objects, and can not be in contact with chemicals, oil sewage, rain and so on for a long time. Children's shoes also need a proper rest, rotate to wear different shoes every day to the life of children's shoes, so shoes should be often replaced.