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How to collect books? [4] Ancient books

2018-01-01 08:00:00
With the passage of time, the older the books, the more valuable the collection. If scattered inscriptions engraved on tortoiseshell are not listed as books, ancient bamboo slips, string books and even paper techniques were invented, the charm of paper books is indeed the best in the collection of ancient books, and now the general book collectors are very difficult to find. In the future, it is the thread-bound books of the Yuan and Ming dynasties, which are not much in existence due to their long age, and their literary value and collection value are also extremely high. In the ancient books, there are two kinds of treasures, one is unprinted, the other is a lone copy. The uncut book refers to the book whose edge has not been cut for the binder, also known as the woolen or woolen book; A copy is a book in which an author prints only one or two copies for his own personal use. For example, Mr. Huang Shang's book "Jin Fan Collection" was only contained in two volumes at that time, and thus became a treasure. 1. To have a certain historical and cultural accumulation, there is no such raw material in the mind, which is good, and the value of the selected product is not easy to determine. 2. A certain knowledge of editions and publishing history is essential, although not necessary for everyone, but a summary of such knowledge that is useful and commonly used from the subject of one's own collection. 3. Fidelity is as essential as any other collection. Piracy, artificial counterfeiting, copying is also a problem we should face up to.