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How to collect contemporary celebrity calligraphy and painting

2018-01-01 11:12:00
Nowadays, people are getting richer and richer, excess assets can not be shelved, many people like to invest it, such as buying funds, etc., of course, collecting contemporary celebrity calligraphy and painting is also a very good choice, then what kind of calligraphy and painting collection is better and more appropriate?



Asset supply


Consult these teachers more with professional teachers in the industry, and understand the works of teachers in the industry better, so we can give reasonable suggestions, and we can give us whose calligraphy and painting collection value is high, then we have a clear collection direction.


In fact, many teachers in order to expand the visibility of the industry, will be their own products on the exhibition, this time to take out the works are fine, can also meet hate to the industry's big coffee, exchange with them, are an important channel to obtain information, we can also learn more about the artist and their own works. Promote awareness of the artist's work.


Conditionally, you can directly cooperate with artists as long as the big artists who are not particularly well-known or famous, find the artists themselves and collect them, which can effectively protect the authentic works.


You can see more authentic works of famous people, and you can also learn some simple identification methods, so that you are not only not easy to be deceived, but also learn some professional collection knowledge, such as how to maintain calligraphy and painting, and at the same time, the probability of buying genuine goods will be higher.


Learn some professional collection knowledge, such as how to maintain calligraphy and painting, and correct your attitude, although the return on calligraphy and painting is high, it is not always possible to sell if you want to. So calligraphy and painting collection should use a stable state of mind.

Matters needing attention

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