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How to combat the problems caused by radiation?

2018-04-23 12:48:41

A large part of people in life and work are almost always surrounded by radiation, we all know that long-term surrounded by radiation will bring a series of adverse effects on our health, so how should we go to prevent radiation? Here are some ways to protect food from radiation.


Black sesame, tomato, seaweed, chili, green tea, kelp, garlic, mung bean, black fungus, etc


Black sesame increased cell immunity against radiation; If you have time to make your own black sesame walnut powder, drink a bowl every morning or evening, not only can prevent radiation, but also can prevent hair loss, have the function of hair


Tomatoes reduce skin radiation damage; When cooking once or twice a week, cook scrambled eggs with tomatoes for yourself, or tomato and egg soup, delicious dishes can also maintain health, more reasonable arrangement ah.


Nori is also resistant to radiation because of its selenium content; As mentioned above, make seaweed egg soup for one or two meals a week, take a walk with your lover after eating, and enjoy the good life.


Chili peppers protect cell DNA from radiation damage; Many people may not be able to eat very spicy, then do not buy so spicy green pepper, buy some not spicy green pepper, do a green pepper shredded meat or a plate of tiger skin green pepper cool refreshing is also a good suggestion!


Green tea mitigated radiation effects; After busy work, soak a cup of green tea, refreshing fragrance, not only reduce the impact of radiation, but also drive away the busy work, feel comfortable!


Kelp can inhibit the apoptosis of immune cells and resist radiation. Kelp and sparerib soup, which is healthy and anti-radiation.


Garlic can reduce radiation damage; Broccoli with garlic is perfect, not only delicious garlic, but also good nutrition, greatly reducing the damage caused by radiation.


Mung beans can excrete toxins; In the hot summer, a bowl of mung bean soup is refreshing in the end, and hurry to put the toxins in the body in a row


Black fungus clears the stomach and prevents radiation. Celery fungus and lily, this dish insist on eating old, you will be many times younger than other old people oh!


Well, the above food is actually our home cooking, food therapy needs to be long-term persistence will see the effect, the body also needs long-term maintenance and care will be bang!

Matters needing attention

Long-term persistence will have unexpected results