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How to connect the nine-hole triple switch

2018-03-14 03:12:21

Nine-hole socket wiring method: red is generally firewire (L sign), blue is generally neutral wire (N sign), yellow is generally grounded (PE sign) after separating three wires. Connect the nine-hole socket in parallel with L and L, N and N, and ground. The L sign on the back of the live line entry socket, the N sign on the right side of the neutral line entry socket, and the ground entry is random. Expanded data Dual dual control switch principle The definition of dual dual control switch is similar to the definition of single dual control switch, the only difference is that double is a two-button switch, and single is just a button switch. So what is a dual-control switch? In fact, it is very simple, that is, on a panel, through two buttons to control two electrical equipment, that is, two switches to control these two circuits. The wiring of the double control switch first connects the middle terminal of a double control switch to the firewire, and then connects the middle terminal of another double control switch to the lamp head (or the tongue of the screw lamp head), and then connects the back and forth line, that is, arbitrarily connects the upper and lower terminals with two green wires; The neutral line is directly connected to another contact of the lamp head (or the thread of the threaded lamp head) so that the connection is completed.