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How to cook prawns to taste good

2018-03-28 06:24:02

With the improvement of living standards, seafood has become a common dish on our table, which can be boiled prawns as a dish, but also when rice, is a lot of people like to eat, you must think, boiled prawns is very good to do, but do not know, boiled prawns should also pay attention to the way, otherwise good prawns are also cooked bad, then boiled prawns how to taste?


Soak: After buying the prawns, first put cold water in the basin, soak the prawns completely in it, and wait until three or four hours before taking them out.


Water: Soak for a few hours, the shrimp with a slotted spoon out, into the basin, and then a black line on the back of the shrimp, the prawns with scissors to cut off, save in the cooking time intertwine.


Rinse: Put the packed prawns under the continuous rinse, rinse several times, clean the sand on the prawns, and then put it into the shower basin.


Pickling: Put the prawns in a basin, put some cooking wine or white wine in it, sprinkle some salt noodles, and marinate for half an hour.


Cooking: Put the pickled shrimp in the pot, fill the pot with a little water, be sure to add cold water rather than hot water, and then put some salt foam, onion and other seasonings, ignition boiling.


Look at the heat: boil the shrimp with a high fire, and then let the fire boil for a while, until the shrimp body becomes curved, the whole body turns red, you can take out and eat.

Matters needing attention

Boiling shrimp in cold water can let the dirty things inside the shrimp out, if it is hot water will accumulate in the body, it is not delicious.