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How to cool your car in summer

2018-05-01 14:24:51

Summer is coming, don't think that only people are afraid of heat, even our car is afraid of heat, people will find a way to hot, the car will protest, its temper is very hot, if it is not good, it will cause harm to themselves, bring no small loss to the driver friend, then how to cool down their car in summer?


When the weather is too hot, try to reduce the number of times you go out, and change the time of going out from the hottest time at noon to the morning or afternoon, because the temperature is low at these two times, the sun is not so strong, and it will not burn your car, nor cause the car to be too hot.


When you go out in the summer and need to park, it is best to find a cool place, do not put the car directly in the sun, so the car will suffer from heat stroke, if there is a garage, do not bother, directly drive the car to the garage, both safe and will not be exposed to the sun.


Buy a sunscreen shed for your car, which can prevent both sun and rain, so that when you go out, even if you can't find a cool parking space, you can also calmly put the car in the sun, as long as the sunscreen shed pulls up, like a small shed, both high-grade and safe.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Stuffy and airtight will lead to the temperature in the car is too high, if conditions, you can open the window or door all heat, of course, this method is a little inconvenient, but feel the car is too hot, this method can let the heat quickly out.


There are many ways to cool the car in summer, in the form of the car, the most commonly used is of course to open the air conditioning or open the window, if the outside is not too hot, then you can let the natural wind blow in, both comfortable and no fuel, need to remember is that after the car through high temperature and exposure, do not immediately give it a bath, otherwise it will be injured!