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How to create a natural Nordic decor in your home

2018-03-15 00:00:32

In recent years, the Nordic decoration style has become more and more popular, especially by many young people. Nordic style represents a return to nature of fashion, focus on function, the pursuit of rationality, giving people a natural, warm and beautiful feeling. Today, we will teach you how to create a Nordic decoration style in your own home. The Nordic Style is supposed to help people stay warm in their homes during cold winters. You can also create this feeling of warmth at home.


Large white space on walls and ceilings. Nordic style is simple, bright and less decorative. The top, wall and ground of the interior can be completely decorated without patterns and patterns, and only lines and color blocks can be distinguished and embellished. Try to use light colors on the walls, or white, and don't make the furniture too dark. A Nordic style room needs a lot of sunlight, and a light-colored finish will add to the feeling of sunshine. Decorate the walls with simple designs (some plant leaves).


Color selection. Recommended base tone: White + black + wood. White as the main tone, the use of bright solid colors for embellishment; Or use black and white as the main tone, without adding any other colors. You can also choose colors such as brown, gray and light blue, which are common colors in the Nordic style.


Lots of functional furniture. Nordic decoration style furniture attaches great importance to the unity of function and form. Use lots of functional furniture with chic shapes and fine workmanship, and your Nordic house will slowly take shape. Try IKEA on weekends.


Use natural materials such as wood. Wood is the soul of Nordic decoration style, we can lay light wood floors in our own homes, with log chairs, log tables and so on. Remember to use unprocessed logs that retain the original color and texture of the wood. In the curtain carpet and other soft clothing collocation, choose natural texture such as cotton and linen.


Big Windows, few partitions. Large Windows can introduce more natural light, less partitions also make the home more spacious and bright, even small units will not have any sense of oppression. An open kitchen can save a lot of space.


Use European style simple smart home. Smart and comfortable home is an important part of modern Nordic style. The installation of a simple and beautiful fan can breathe the clean air like nature at home, and the modern new fan can intelligently heat the air sent into the user's desired temperature, increasing the comfort and warmth of the home.


Use tropical plants for fun. Nordic style houses are full of greenery, especially tropical plants. Green plants can appear in every corner of the home, on the table, beside the window, beside the bed, and in the porch, to inject fresh vitality into the home.


Finally, add some very bright colors, some throw pillows or paintings, so that the real, warm, fun Nordic decoration style comes out! You can boldly use bright yellow, blue, red, these embellishments will not catch the attention of the eye ball, but will add positive energy to the family and make the home more dynamic.