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How to create a one-click close all the program function for Win7 system

2018-04-30 00:00:10

In many cases, this happens to office workers more, a busy day down, ready to leave work, found that their computer opened a lot of programs, need to close one by one, then there is no way to achieve a quick close all the procedures, now let's see how to operate it.


Windows 7 system


The first thing we need to do is to right-click on the blank area of the desktop, then select Options, then select shortcut options, as shown in the figure:


Then in the Create Shortcut Properties window that opens, we enter the following code in the Please Type object location field, taskkill /F /FI 'USERNAME eq admin' /FI 'IMAGENAME ne explorer.exe' /FI 'IMAGENAME ne dmp.exe ', and notice the admin position here, You need to change it to the current user on your PC, as shown below:


After entering the above command, we click the next button, in the open Create shortcut new window, we type the name of the shortcut, we give the shortcut a name, as shown in the figure:


After entering the name, we click the Done button, so that a one-click shortcut icon can be displayed on the desktop to close all programs, as shown in the figure:


If you think it is more troublesome to use the mouse double click, we can also customize a shortcut to open it, we right-click on the shortcut, and then select the properties option, as shown in the picture:


In the open properties window, we choose under the Shortcut TAB, find the shortcut key column, and then define a shortcut key for the shortcut. In the future, when you want to close all programs with one key, you can press this shortcut key to close them all, as shown in the figure:


Shortcut keys can also use single keys, but personal advice is to use a combination of keys, because a single key is easier to conflict with the system's buttons, so it is not good, so we want to close the program by pressing the combination of keys on the line.

Matters needing attention

Please back up the document you are editing first, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to close all programs, and a special note is to remember to change Admin to your current user name, otherwise the execution is not effective.