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How to create the best hair style for natural curls

2018-03-18 16:00:49

With the popularity of curly hair, it is no longer a very difficult thing to find out what style is suitable for natural curls. As long as you master the right natural curling design techniques, you will turn the disadvantage of natural curling into an advantage. Today I'm going to show you how to create the hairstyle that best fits natural curls.


Naturally curly hair is more dry and fluffy, so it is not suitable for often wake up perm hair, because it will make the hair more frizzy. All you need to do is use a hair dryer and styling products, and do a little bit of finishing before you go out every morning, you can create a natural and elegant long black curly hair like the one shown in the picture.


If you prefer medium to long hair, you can choose to start curling more than a third of the way through your hair. This simple perm will do less damage to your hair and won't make the natural curls look more voluminous and messy. The end of the hair can also not be hot, will make natural curls more natural and full of movement oh.


If you feel that naturally curly black will make your hair look more dry, you can choose to dye your hair a slightly lightened linen color to improve the texture. However, naturally curly hair must not be ironed and dyed too often.


Because it is naturally curly, even if the hair is permed or pulled, the new hair will bend and curl, making the overall hairstyle lose the sense of coordination. Therefore, you can choose to do a local softening on the top of the head, and the end of the hair is not hot, but the effect will be more natural.


Natural curly hair to perm then Xiaobian suggest you choose ceramic perm. The large roll of ceramic ironing will play to the advantages of natural volume, so that C-type ceramic ironing will be more durable and shaped. With a certain hat, it is very suitable for winter dress.