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How to deal with a high-rise earthquake?

2018-05-06 22:24:27

Earthquakes are always unpredictable, and people who live on high floors often can't get out in a safe time. So how do we protect ourselves in the event of a sudden earthquake?

One. Find a strong enough place

This page is based on experience

Two. Protect yourself when you hide

Try to keep your face down with your hands in front of you and crouch on the floor. Cover your nose and mouth with a towel or other fabric to protect your head and other vital points. Do not breathe through the mouth, so as not to inhale dust when the collapse leads to suffocation.

3. Evacuate quickly after the earthquake

After the earthquake, remember to turn off the power supply, and then evacuate the gas quickly to reduce the loss. Do not jump out of Windows, do not use elevators. Evacuate through the safe passage. Be careful fast, not long. Don't miss a safe escape by counting money or valuables.

Four. Hide in an open area

After coming out of the floor, you can find a larger place to wait for rescue. Do not go near buildings, telephone poles and any other easily collapsed structures. General square is more appropriate, and pay attention not to push people, so as not to happen unnecessary things.

5. Stock up on food and water

After escaping, do not easily return to the building. Find a way to get water, food. After confirming that there are no aftershocks, it is safe enough to return and stay alert. If the house has collapsed, follow the instructions of the relevant staff and maintain a good attitude.

6. Keep a positive attitude

If you are in a disaster area, keep a positive attitude and pay attention to your health and hygiene. Pay attention to changing clothes according to climate change to prevent colds. If in winter, should pay attention to keep warm, summer to prevent heat stroke.

Seven. How to save yourself

If your house collapses and you are buried in the rubble, you must remain calm. Don't cry, give yourself more confidence, save your strength. If you can, try to reach the outside world, hear a human voice, you can call for help, or hit the wall with a stone.

Sum up

When disaster strikes, we must keep calm, do not panic, and try our best to improve our chances of survival. Trust yourself and trust your rescuers.

Matters needing attention

Don't take the elevator during an earthquake.


Do not escape from the stairs during the earthquake, but take advantage of the gap after the earthquake to escape.


Don't grab any valuables while you're fleeing.


Turn off the gas, gas and electricity immediately.