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How to deal with Haidilao complaint

2018-04-06 11:12:29

In the era when everyone is we-media, a small customer complaint may rise to a restaurant crisis, and even lead to the collapse of the brand. As a caterer, do your waiters handle customer complaints perfectly? Does your restaurant have a proven crisis management manual? How to deal with the Haidilao complaint?


The restaurant crisis, extinguish in the embryonic stage of restaurant operation, there is no perfect "scene", some small accidents are inevitable, the key is to deal with. The terrible thing is not to encounter customer complaints, but to not control the situation at the first time, so that the conflict escalated.


The emergency is divided into three levels of handling points: mastering facts, evidence, seeking support; Do a good job of appeasing and preventing the situation from spreading; At the same time, it is especially important to avoid any bravado and unnecessary arguments.


Sincere attitude is the first important sincerity in the crisis management in the first place, usually, not malicious to find fault with the customer, through sincere communication, can solve the problem. If the waiter's attitude is not good enough, the nature of things will change in minutes. The waiter kept a straight face, which was definitely not to be done.


The processing authority of the waiter is unclear, the reporting process is not clear, and in the process of reflecting at one level, the best time to resolve the crisis has been delayed.


Method of finding foreign objects in dishes: Observe the status of customers, if it is still calm, immediately help customers to make a new dish or return the dish, and give dishes or drinks to appease customers.