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How to deal with the smell of uv printer ink?

2018-04-27 09:36:43

Let me teach you how to deal with the odor of uv printer ink? I hope it can help you.





The harm of the printer is mainly in the following aspects: toner, toner particles can not be melted in the human body and excretion is difficult, long-term inhalation or one-time inhalation of a lot of it is easy to cause respiratory diseases, and toner is a little toxic;


Laser, the harm of laser on the human body should not need me to explain, but the general laser printer has protective measures, as long as you do not take the cover off and print it no problem;


There is also what the above netizen said, the printer set method is to use high temperature melting toner particles to achieve, printing when there is a certain odor, this smell is harmful to the human body, so when printing can not stand next to the printer waiting, it is best to put the printer far away from the human body;


Electrical products inevitably have radiation, the printer circuit has a high voltage generation circuit and high temperature generation circuit, do not touch the high temperature and high pressure part with your hand.


These hazards are just general hazards, do not feel very scary, what things have good side and bad side

Matters needing attention

It takes patience.