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How to decorate a warm and comfortable small apartment

2018-02-28 11:12:00

Warm and comfortable living environment can make us feel comfortable, happy, not work outside how tired, how much pressure, back to their own nest, all the troubles will disappear. Today, let's talk about how to decorate a cozy small apartment.


Furniture selection. Furniture selection is simple and practical, since it is a small apartment, it does not need to be complete, now a lot of furniture can be folded, and the storage space is enough. Choose the right furniture, not only can not save space, but also increase the storage space.


Wallpaper selection. According to their favorite color, pattern, choose the right wallpaper, wallpaper to live in the apartment wall dress up, at the same time can add some pendants, dolls, picture frames and other decorative wall.


Floor decoration. The ground can be carpeted, or choose their favorite pattern of floor decoration can be. At the same time, we should pay attention to the color and the overall match of the apartment, so as to make the renovated apartment look perfect and comfortable.


Small objects are placed. After the overall decoration of the apartment is completed, you can add some dolls, hand offices, electronic products and so on. It can not only make the apartment look good, but also add various functions to provide convenience for life and work.


Cost budget. Decorate according to your own economic conditions and make a cost budget. Economic conditions allow for the appropriate upgrading of furniture, electronic products and other grades. Enrich electronic products, make the apartment intelligent. On the contrary, the color and style of the decoration can be appropriate.


Professional design. You can ask professional designers to help design and make decoration plans. Generally, designers will put forward several plans for choice, tell the designer their requirements, budget, etc., and then choose a satisfactory design plan.

Matters needing attention

Decorate according to your own economic conditions, be warm and comfortable, and design and plan with your heart. You can refer to some successful design cases.


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