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How to decorate the girls' bedroom?

2018-03-26 09:36:48

Little girls always give people a lovely feeling, every little girl has a princess dream in her heart, pink is the favorite color of many girls when they were young, they hope that their bedroom is a warm place, then how to decorate it?


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Second, bookcase, from a young age should cultivate the habit of reading, put a small bookcase in the room is also excellent, must not install TV and other electronic equipment, not only sleep when there is radiation, but also affect other times;


Third, photo wall, will be from small to large photos to make a photo wall is very good, and looks warm, suitable for girls more nostalgic small mind;


Fourth, desk, girls like to write and draw, prefer to do some lovely handwork, small desk is essential, in the corner of a small desk, put on their favorite crafts and warm small desk lamp, cultivate interest.