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How to deodorize new furniture quickly

2018-05-11 19:12:57

Last week, the family bought a European-style queen bed and new furniture such as a dresser. After these new pieces of furniture "stay", they began to emit a pungent smell, stay in the room for a long time, and feel dizzy. Find the business to ask, but the business said that the new furniture is such a situation, a long time the smell will naturally disperse. Does new furniture really smell? How to remove the smell of new furniture quickly? Xiaobian specially summarized some practical methods to help you solve the problem of quickly removing the smell of new furniture.


Odor removal method 1: Ventilation This is a more common technique, open the doors and Windows to make the air flow naturally. It is also the most effective and economical way to eliminate indoor pollution. Ventilation is most appropriate when there is no one in the house, and after the sun comes out, the window ventilation should be as long as possible every day, preferably no less than 2 hours.


Taste removal method two: salt water can be put two POTS of salt water in the room, and open the furniture door. This can not only evaporate the right amount of water to protect the coating surface of the wall top, but also absorb and eliminate the residual odor. If it is the smell of paint emitted by wood furniture, you can scrub it with tea several times, and the smell of paint will be eliminated faster.


Odor removal method three: Overnight tea after drinking the overnight tea is dried into the inside of the closet, which can remove the odor of formaldehyde. Or 300 grams of black tea hot tea two basins of water, put into the room, and open the window to breathe, within 48 hours the indoor formaldehyde content will be reduced by more than 90%, the irritating smell is basically eliminated.


Smell removal method four: green plants can buy green plants at home. The most suitable indoor selection of evergreen flowers and trees or varieties that can absorb toxic gases, such as spider orchid, bamboo, green, cactus, turtle back bamboo, ivy and so on. In addition, large plants such as trees and camphor trees, which are more popular on the market, can release a kind of gas themselves, which makes people happy, and is also very suitable for removing the taste of new furniture.

Matters needing attention

In addition, placing items such as orange peel and lemon peel in the room is also a very effective way to remove flavor, but their effect will not be very quick.