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How to design reducer box

2018-04-14 04:48:53

For the engineering drawing of the reducer box seat, it is generally necessary to draw the plane view of each part, the plane view of the component assembly, and the plane view of the total assembly. Here, only the box base parts drawing is used as an example, and its example is shown in Figure 3-1.


Build drawing file Opens the generated box part model. Select the New [] item in the drop-down menu File [file], and the file dialog box will appear. Select Drawing [engineering drawing] in the type [type] column, and enter the Name of engineering drawing xiangzuo in Name [name]. The system enters the engineering Drawing mode, and the New Drawing [Engineering Drawing] dialog box appears. Select xiangzuo.prt as the part file to generate the engineering drawing. Set the drawing to Lands cape, set the drawing Size to A3 in the Size field, and click OK.


This article is based on experience


The dimensions created in the part model can be automatically displayed in the engineering drawing, and some necessary dimensions can also be added to the engineering drawing. In addition, the dimensions in the project drawing can be edited in various ways, such as: moving, removing, modifying values, etc. (1) Display size of view. First, select Show/Erase [Display and erase] from the [View] drop-down menu, and the system will pop up the [Display and erase] dialog box; In the second step, click and button in the dialog box and select SHOU ALL [Show All] button in the "Show By" column; The third step, click [Confirm] in the submenu to select, and the size of the feature is displayed in the view; Click [Close] in the dialog box to complete the size display operation. (2) Remove unnecessary dimensions. First, click the "View" drop-down menu item to select Show/Erase (display and erase); Second, click the button in the dialog box, then click the button, and select Selected Items in the Erase By field; The third step, select the size to be deleted from the view, click the middle key to confirm the selection after the selection, the original displayed size disappears from the view; Click Close in the dialog box to complete the size deletion operation. (3) Add insufficient size. Step 1 Click the "Insert" menu to select "Size" option; The second step is to select the "New reference" option in its lower menu, and then select the pixel with the size according to the system prompt; Step 3 Select the two primitives to mark the dimensions and click the middle key to mark the dimensions.