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How to detect the adhesive film thickness of rubber products stripping parts

2018-04-30 11:12:23

Rubber products, take the sleeve for example, the sleeve is divided into three parts, respectively, the inside and the jacket, the middle of the use of rubber links, and rubber is through the inside and outside of the application of adhesive, vulcanized together with the rubber, and at this time the adhesive film thickness will be the key factor affecting the adhesion. When the inner or outer coat is stripped from the colloid, which will cause the product to fall off, the problem is to test the film thickness of the inner spray adhesive after stripping


Adhesive film thickness detection of faulty parts


Put the fault part of the film thickness to be measured into the mold, pour epoxy resin to embed, fill the whole mold, and then cure the fault part into a whole


Take out the cured whole, and then cut it at the expected position of measuring film thickness, and smooth the testing surface on the grinding wheel


The polished sample is observed under the microscope at a corresponding multiple, and the film thickness is tested. The advanced microscopic image can be transmitted to the computer, and the film thickness is measured by computer software. (Similar to butterfly specimens solidified in resin, then cut and polished) by the color difference between the resin and the metal, the distance difference can be measured. That is, peel the film thickness of the faulty part

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