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How to disassemble Supor electric pressure cooker

2018-04-21 06:24:48

Not what electronic products can not guarantee that it will not fail all the time, the electric pressure cooker will also fail, there will be various problems in the process of use, such as the electric pressure cooker cooking is not cooked, the electric pressure cooker can not open the lid or can not close the lid will directly affect the use of the pressure cooker. Now let's solve the problem of how to dismantle the needle pressure cooker.


Electric pressure cooker

Steps to remove the electric pressure cooker:

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Supor electric pressure cooker malfunction one can not close the cover

The inability to close the lid is a headache, which may be caused by the wrong position or orientation of the lid.


Sometimes the failure to close the cap can also be caused by a stuck stop valve.


Sometimes the lid or the heat shield may be out of shape


First of all, Xiaobian should emphasize that it is best to be careful when disassembling appliances, after all, it is electric, and there may be security risks once it is not done. If you have to dismantle it, it's best to get it professionally handled.


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