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How to distinguish the quality of LED stage lights

2018-04-10 01:36:28

At present, the competition on the market for LED stage lights is becoming more and more fierce, and it is also full of various mixed brands, so how to distinguish the quality of LED stage lights? Let's take a look. 1. Chip: mainly manifested as welding pad pollution, chip damage, chip cutting size, chip cutting tilt and so on. Preventive measures: strictly control incoming inspection, and ask suppliers to improve when problems are found. 2. Bracket: The main performance is that the deviation between the size and the C size is too large, the bracket is discolored and rusty, and the bracket is deformed. Defective incoming materials are the supplier's problem, should inform the supplier to improve and strictly control incoming materials. 3. Silver glue: The main performance is poor adhesion of silver glue, the use period exceeds, the storage conditions and thawing conditions are not consistent with the actual standards. For the viscosity of silver adhesive, generally put into production after engineering evaluation will not have too many problems, but it is not to say that this kind of silver adhesive is the best, if there is a bad occurrence, we can know that the project will be evaluated again. Other service life, storage conditions, thawing conditions, etc. are artificially controlled, as long as the operation is strictly in accordance with SOP, generally there will not be too many problems. 1. Illegal operation of the operator: for example, without wearing gloves, the silver glue is directly put on the line without thawing after taking out the refrigerator, and the operator does not operate according to SOP, or is not skilled in machine operation, which will affect the quality of solid crystal. Preventive measures: the foreman should strengthen management, the operators should work according to SOP, the quality assurance personnel should strengthen audit, and the unskilled personnel should strengthen education and training. 2. Improper commissioning by maintenance personnel: the solution is to improve the technical level. For example, the crystal height, solid crystal height, thimble height, the setting of some delay time, motor parameters, workbench parameters, etc., need to be adjusted to the best state according to the standard. To ensure that there will be no bad machine, the machine is mainly manifested in some parts or mechanical structure of the machine, and the impact on the solid quality caused by poor understanding of the system. Make sure that all functions of the machine are normal. 1. The light spot is not aligned: countermeasure ---- readjust the light spot to ensure three points and one line. 2. Improper adjustment of various parameters: such as picklevel, bondlevel, ejectorlevel delay time, motor parameters, etc., can be solved by adding more steps and reducing more steps, but the results are completely different. The same is the height of the thimble, when the chip can not be sucked, someone tried to parameter, but did not consider whether the thimble is blunt or broken, resulting in chip damage, Θ Angle offset, etc. The coordination of delay time and motor parameters is the same. If the coordination is not good, the action of the welding arm will be different, which will also cause abnormal quality. 3. Improper setting of binary value: the countermeasure ---- re-sets binary value. 4. The machine transfer standard is inconsistent. 1. Whether the cleaning of the silver groove is cleaned regularly. 2. Is the choice of silver glue reasonable? 3. Whether the operators should wear gloves and masks to work. 4. Baking conditions, time and temperature of cemented materials.