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How to divide the project?

2018-05-04 19:12:42

Human division of labor seems to be a "small thing", but in fact there is a "gate".


Project management


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Let him do what he's good at. When the project manager is assigned to the project, he should make the job function make full use of the ability of the talent, without causing great pressure on the talent, so as to make the best use of the talent.


Responsibility rests with everyone. Making the responsibility clear to people is the premise of ensuring that all work is completed successfully. Everyone is responsible for everything, the project members will not have a spectator psychology, and the project manager is not afraid to find the responsible person if there is a problem.


Make sure everyone has something to do. Clarify the division of responsibilities, change the ambiguity of responsibility into the clarity of responsibility, change the anonymity system into the real name system, even if you want to shirk there is no way.


Divide tasks evenly. The project division of labor must balance the amount of tasks of employees, but also pay attention to not forcibly assign tasks, which will cause dissatisfaction of project members. The stronger the ability, the more you must rush.


Design more group tasks. Let the project members complete a project task together, which can improve the tacit understanding between the project members, and work efficiency will be improved.


Consider the project members' ideas. The project manager should try to take into account the ideas and suggestions of the members, while fully understanding their level of competence. In this way, we can fully grasp the matching degree of project members and work tasks, so that the assignment of work tasks is more reasonable.


Clarify the job description. With the job description, project members can clearly understand their job responsibilities and authority, and urge themselves to do what they should do and complete the tasks they should complete.