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How to download 3d movies How to find free 3d movie download sites

2018-03-01 14:24:00

3d HD movies are becoming more and more popular with movie fans, enjoying the visual experience brought by 3d movies, but most of the current concerns about 3D movies are more than 30. So there are a lot of people don't know much about 3d movies, this is also very normal. But see so many people every day in order to download 3D movies and worry, Xiaobian moved to edit the tutorial on how to download 3D movies. I hope I can help you.


Hd player, 3d eyes, 3d TV, computer with Internet connection, 3d information website /3d movie Forum


Three-dimensional China can see 3d movie download website here not much to say, each browser preview function is similar, we try to know.


Here's the 3d block. Find the movie you want to download and click on it.


Since the forum uses the PT sharing system, in order to ensure the effective communication and sharing in the station, please download the following methods: 1. Download tool: utorrent, click here to download; 2. Install the utoreent tool. 3. Download seeds from the post (note that when downloading seeds from the post can not use download software such as thunder, express, etc., can only use the browser to save as...) ; 4. Use utoreent to open the downloaded torrent file and start downloading; 5. Stereocoin deduction principle: 1 stereocoin is deducted for each downloaded seed, and the video cannot be downloaded without stereocoin; 6. How to obtain stereocins (stereocins deduction, exchange, transfer, earn and other principles) : a. After registering a new account, the system will give a certain number of stereo coins; b. Sign in once a day to get a variety of stereocins; c. Promotion of three-dimensional China Forum website can earn 1-5 three-dimensional coins; d. Stereo coins can be exchanged by means of physical charm upload amount, etc.;


You can then see the PT user group. Capillary blood, so you start to enter the ranks of PT users.

Matters needing attention

pt download pays more attention to sharing, so please upload as much as possible after downloading to improve your share rate and upload volume.