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How to download comics on the Internet

2018-02-22 01:36:00

Comics are really getting more and more hot, and one of the three most popular migrant worker comics has finally come to an end. Xiaobian my friend collected one, he said in order to remember the lost youth (I do not believe it, it is estimated that China will ban Japanese comics later, the end of the rain, is really a good boy). As the reading material that accompanied us through childhood, I can not help but also rise the idea of collecting. There are many comic downloaders on the Internet, and I chose the best one (well, its permanent free move me).




Comic downloader (Devouring Heaven and Earth)


Open the software, click the "+" icon (remember to find a comic open directory on the Internet, each directory should be the first page) and copy the link of the first page into the box below (indicated by the red arrow), as shown below.


Fill in the download directory (this is very important, there are many pictures of comics, a little attention will be very messy, the number of episodes and the directory do not match ah, because the number is huge, can not be changed). And as you can see, that's success.

Method/Step 2

Another way is to click on the icon (a picture of a person eating food) to make it appear in the floating window. Click on the table of contents (the red circle below) and drag the links one by one to the hover window (hold down the left mouse button).

Matters needing attention

Not all websites can use the floating window, some sites must be clicked in order to see the real link, so use the first