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How to draw a stick figure of Luffy One Piece?

2018-02-16 16:00:00

One Piece is a very popular cartoon, and the characters in the series are also loved by everyone. I like the protagonist Luffy character is simple, the following to share the simple painting method of Luffy.


A pencil.


An eraser.




To draw this Luffy, we can draw the head with the chin and the ears first, and then draw the extension of the hat along the middle of the ears, almost like a duck egg shape. As shown in the figure.


Then draw Luffy's hair in the zigzag shape of the MN font, the length of the hair almost to the ear. Draw a hat on the head that looks like a curved sausage. As shown in the figure.


Then draw Luffy's eyes like a poached egg, with a small black dot inside the round. The nose is drawn like an radicals, and the mouth is drawn almost like a rectangle with one long side missing. Draw two short lines in the middle of the rectangle to show the open teeth. As shown in the figure.


Then draw two lines from the chin of the head to make the body look like a circular platform, and then draw relative clothing, including Luffy's slender arms. As shown in the figure.


Then, from the bottom of the suit, draw the pants of the lower body, and Luffy's thin legs and shoes. As shown in the figure.


Finally, draw the chest muscles of Luffy in chevron shape and the buttons of his clothes, and the appearance of the whole figure is finished. We need to fill in the color of Luffy's hat, clothes and pants with thin crayons, so that a lifelike figure is completed. As shown in the figure.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to detail.


And size symmetry.