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How to draw a stick figure "Salute to my dear motherland"?

2018-05-02 14:24:00

Dear motherland, I love you, the motherland is strong, we can live a better life, today Xiaobian want to share with you is how to draw a stick figure "salute to the dear motherland"? I hope I can help you.


Draw the outline of a student's head on white paper with lines and curves, and draw his features and hair, and then use curves to draw the collar of his clothes, and the decoration of his neck.


Use lines and curves to draw the body part of the pupil, his right hand raised high, is saluting the motherland.


Use lines and dots to draw the details of the clothes the pupil is wearing to make it more vivid.


Use a light yellow watercolor marker to paint the student's skin color, as shown in the picture.


Then use a watercolor pen to paint the colors of the clothes worn by the primary school student and the decorative colors on her clothes.


Finally, use a watercolor pen to paint her hair color and lip color, embellish the details, beautiful stick figure is good, you can also try to draw.