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How to draw Mingo One Piece

2018-02-16 20:48:00

The flamingo Mingo in One Piece's exaggerated shape and inexplicable fruit control are deeply sought after by many Marvel fans. Mingo and Lufei played until 734 episodes to separate the winner, the most impressive is his exaggerated smiling face. Today I want to share Mingo's stick figure.


Get a piece of paper and pencil, and make a mental picture of the size of the figure you want to draw.


According to the idea of the flamingo Mingo face outline, in proportion to fill the position of the eyes and ears.


Then draw Mingo's hairstyle, the lines of his neck, and the flamingo's signature smirk with its big mouth.


Next, draw the nose and fill in the wrinkled lines of the face and neck caused by expressions and movements.


They dot the character's eyes, fill in the big white teeth, and paint Mingo's personal flamingo cape.


Finally, add the details of the pinna, earrings, etc.; Then fill in the shadow diagonally with a pencil. Muscular, face shadow once filled in, the whole picture looks more substantial.