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How to dye your own hair? What should you pay attention to?

2018-03-19 00:00:50

Now many people are dyeing their hair, and sometimes you will see that some people really look good after dyeing. People can increase their personal charm by dyeing their hair, and play a more confident and fashionable psychology. But dyeing hair in barbershops takes time and money. One way to solve the problem is to do it yourself. How to dye your hair at home?


Who wants to dye their own hair at home


Many people like to dye their hair, but they always go to the barber shop, which is a waste of time and the price is relatively high. If you want to dye your hair at home, there are some worries, because you are afraid of bad dyeing. So many people in a dilemma, now introduce some of their own hair color some basic common sense:


Dyeing your hair is not complicated, as long as you operate a few times, you will have the feeling of normal. Now first understand the principle and precautions of their own hair coloring. The hair is to open the hair to protect the hair scales, take off the original color, dye their favorite color, so there are points to pay attention to in the choice of color.


Dye your hair at home, what should you pay attention to in the choice of color? Your hair is black, and you want to pursue a very light color, which is not all at once to dye the target color. Otherwise it will cause great damage to the hair, hair dye is colored, generally not at most three shades at a time.


Dye the darker color of your hair into a lighter color, the color difference is too much, can be divided into several times to dye. Each time to have a time interval, the general interval time of one and a half months or more time. The first time to dye your hair, choose ordinary dyeing method, the color difference is less, so that the dyeing is not too obvious. Such as skilled in dyeing difficult, you can also find someone to help each other.


When dyeing your own hair, do not have any qualitative products such as mousse or hair gel in your hair. If you want to dye or perm your hair, you can perm it a week in advance. People who are allergic should have an allergy test. Dyeing should be carried out carefully from the root to the tip of the hair, during the hair, do not scratch the head with your fingernails to avoid infection.


After dyeing your hair, do not use a hot blow dryer or a hot towel. Massage your hair after dyeing and rinse it with warm water for about 25 minutes. Use neutral shampoo after hair color. After more than a month after dyeing hair, a touch up dye, only the new hair roots can be dyed.

Matters needing attention

This article. Learn to dye your own hair and be your own hair colorist.