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How to eat autumn food with wine to try?

2018-03-15 04:48:47

Mid-Autumn Festival family reunion, naturally, there is a happy moment of eating, but every year the reunion meal is a taste, some of us taste fatigue, should not try this different wine with the magic, experience a new taste of Mid-Autumn Festival dinner. Starter - onion fragrant lotus root slices with semi-dry sweet white wine Beginning of autumn, it is lotus root sheng season, it can clear heat, moisten the lung, spleen and appetizer. As a good supplement for autumn, onion fragrant lotus root slices are the appetizers on the Mid-Autumn table. Crispy and sweet lotus roots, fragrant green onion, with thirst quenching, taste slightly sweet dry white wine, is really a good prelude to the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the artistic conception of the moonlight seems to be integrated into the white and green clusters. Autumn is the best period for crab growth, and the Mid-Autumn Festival season is the crab roe, during this period of tender and fine hairy crab meat, paste like condensed fat, taste delicious joy more to strengthen the festive atmosphere, not so much autumn is the season to eat crab, as the crab fat born for the Mid-Autumn Festival. The natural acidity of white wine accentuates the slight sweetness of crab meat, so we chose a round, heavy, fruity Chardonnay to match the delicate texture of crab meat. Main course - taro pork with Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon) in addition to eating moon cakes, eating crabs, drinking osmanthus wine, the Mid-Autumn Festival also has the custom of eating taro, from the ancient working people's gratitude to the land God, coupled with a thousand years of history of meat, it has become a reflection of the long history of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival cuisine. Taste this salty and sour taro, soft and mellow barbecued meat, Cabernet Sauvignon is essential, its rich tannins and meat texture organically combined, strong spices make taro delicious double. The main course - beer duck with Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir) As summer turns to fall, the cold is getting colder every day, and autumn is also a season that needs nourishing. And nourishing Yin and nourishing lung beer duck is a must eat the Mid-Autumn Festival delicacy - with a slow fire to remove oil, there is the compact duck without the smell of mutton, with the most light taste of red wine Pinot Noir is the most suitable, beer duck will not cover the delicate Pinot noir, and Pinot noir complex taste can adjust the tight texture of beer duck, is a match made in heaven. Dessert - Five kernel mooncake with port wine In the autumn full moon means family reunion, mooncake is a symbol of good hope. Five kernel mooncake is the most famous of all kinds of mooncakes, because the filling has almonds, peach kernel, peanut kernel, and muggle-seed kernel named, less sweet and greasy, the taste is loose, and all have plant fiber to help digestion. This is the stage for an intensive wine, port wine, which not only contains the sweetness of the moon cake, but also the exotic spices in the port wine and the nuts in the cake complement each other. Finally, the tasting of mooncakes is a perfect and harmonious ending to the Mid-Autumn Festival this year.