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How to eat McDonald's during weight loss

2018-04-05 20:48:33

Many people are loyal fans of McDonald's, usually nothing love to go to McDonald's sit down, McDonald's is delicious, but accidentally excessive heat, then how to do? In fact, if you eat McDonald's well, you won't get fat.




1, beverage drinks are best to choose no calories, black coffee, black tea, Coke in the set can let the waiter change to Coke zero. Once again, you can choose pure juice, pure milk, lemon black tea, which are relatively healthy, and the least choice is hot chocolate, so large milk tea such as too sweet drinks.


2, snacks among them, the calories are relatively low corn cup, apple slices, fresh vegetables cup, chicken McNuggets, salt baked chicken wings, higher calories have chips, taro pie, potato gribbles, McSpicy chicken wings, so big chicken steak, fragrant bone chicken legs, but the calories of snacks are generally less than a meal, so how to choose snacks, or depends on how you match with the drink staple food.


3, the staple food is recommended to choose hamburgers, cheeseburgers, McChicken, McFilet-o-fish, plate grilled chicken leg burger, bacon vegetable double beef burger, because eating these hamburgers can also have room to eat a low-calorie snack, if you eat McSpicy chicken leg burger, Big MAC, double cod burger, double cheeseburger, and then eat snacks will be fat.


4, dessert a sweet cone has about 150 calories, a cup of McWhirl almost to the heat of a meal, a cup of new ground is about half a meal, if you don't eat much, add a sweet cone after the meal is OK, don't eat McWhirl ha, eat a meal and eat McWhirl is about equal to eat two meals.


5, best served with 1, Coke Zero + plate grilled chicken burger + small cup of corn 2, black coffee + double cheeseburger 3, milk + hamburger + apple slice 4, pure juice + filet fish 5, Coke Zero + Chicken McNuggets + McSpicy wings 6, Coke Zero + Chicken McNuggets + Taro pie 7, Coke Zero + small fries + fresh vegetables cup 8, Black coffee + small fries + cylinder (seems strange, actually is good) 9, McWhirl + apple slice 10, Coke Zero + McSpicy wings *2