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How to eat melon

2018-05-03 16:00:43

How to eat melon: 1, direct consumption: wash the melon and cut it open for eating. Cantaloupe has a lot of seeds, in order to facilitate the consumption of seeds can be removed before eating. 2, you can cut melon and apples, bananas, etc., together, add salad dressing and eat. 3, cantaloupe can be made of sugar cantaloupe, the cantaloupe cubes in salt water soak for about 5 minutes, remove and sprinkle with sugar. Melon selection skills: 1, look at the skin color: to choose the appearance of green in the white melon, this type of melon is relatively fresh. 2, weight: pick up two similar size melon, choose a heavier melon will be more fresh. 3, touch the melon skin: choose a melon with a smooth skin, and on the contrary, the melon skin is easy to stick to the hand, indicating that such a melon has been placed for a long time. 4, Smell the fragrance: fresh melon, can smell the light fragrance. 5, press the melon umbilical: gently press the melon umbilical with the hand, the melon umbilical can easily be easily pressed off is fresh melon. The above contents refer to Encyclopedia - Melon