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How to fight forest fires

2018-04-19 00:00:08

Forest fire is the most dangerous enemy of forest and the most terrible disaster of forestry. It will bring the most harmful and devastating consequences to forest. Forest fires not only burn down pieces of forest and harm the animals in the forest, but also reduce the renewal ability of the forest, cause the soil to be barren and destroy the role of forest water conservation, and even cause the ecological environment to lose balance. Therefore, when there is a forest fire, we must fight it in the fastest time and control the loss in the lowest range.


Cooling method: Sprinkling water, chemicals or wet earth on the burning fuel is used to reduce the heat, so that the temperature of the fuel falls below the ignition point, so that the fire is extinguished.


The isolation method adopts the means of barrier to separate the fire from the combustible material, and to separate the burned material from the unburned material. Generally, chemical agents are sprayed on the combustible material, or fire lines (belts) are opened with manual batting, machine turning soil belts, high-speed wind, advance fire, moderate blasting, etc., so that fire and combustible material, burned fuel and unburned fuel are separated. At the same time, by sprinkling water or chemicals to the burned fuel, it can also increase the fire resistance and flame resistance of the fuel.


Asphyxiation method, by isolating the air to reduce the oxygen content of the air to less than 14-18%, and suffocate the fire. Generally, machines are used to beat, cover with earth, sprinkle chemical agents, and use blasting to suffocate the fire.

Matters needing attention

When fighting the fire, you should fight along the fire line one by one, never leave the fire line to fight the internal fire, not to run to the front of the fire to block or fight, especially when fighting the grass Tong fire and the wind fire, you should pay attention to safety


Watchtowers and video surveillance systems can be built to prevent forest fires