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How to find potential NodeJS engineers?

2018-03-25 08:00:30

What is tight today, talent, all walks of life are struggling to find talent worry, how to do? First of all to become bole, no bole, naturally can not find the horse.


Recruitment websites, headhunters


Node.js is a Javascript runtime. It's actually a package of Google's V8 engine. The V8 engine executes Javascript very fast and performs very well. Node.js is optimized for some special use cases and provides alternative apis that make V8 run better in non-browser environments.


Software engineers are generally divided into 4 levels: software technician, assistant software engineer, software engineer, senior software engineer, different levels of requirements are different! Five principles that a good software engineer should follow: See things from the user's perspective; Face the problem, solve the problem; Solving problems should be systematic; Focus on details; Minimum cost, maximum benefit.


Job content: 1. Guide the programmer's work; 2, participate in the software engineering system design, development, testing and other processes; 3. Assist the engineering manager to ensure the quality of the project; 4. Responsible for the code implementation of main functions in the project; 5. Solve key problems and technical problems in the project; 6, coordinate the work of various programmers, and can cooperate with other software engineers.


Job requirements: Solid basic theoretical knowledge of computer; Proficient in C/C++, Java, C# and other languages, with rich experience in Unix/Linux/Windows system development; Proficient in Perl, Python, PHP, Shell and other scripting languages; Have a certain algorithm foundation, with strong independent problem-solving ability; Experience in design and development of large capacity, high performance and distributed system; Have a strong learning ability and the pursuit of new technology; Good communication skills in Chinese and English, project management experience is preferred; Customer first, team work, embrace change, integrity, passion, dedication of corporate values.


It is not easy to find a potential software engineer, and sometimes even if you are standing in front of him, you may not be able to find that people who do things are often not good at talking, so you can see his past performance and what he has done (the projects he has done are generally more powerful); Go to the major recruitment websites, with the help of headhunters, etc., the Node.js community also has a lot of great people to dig.

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