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How to find the latest good Japanese TV series?

2018-04-06 06:24:31

There are a lot of Japanese drama websites on the market, and my eyes are all spent. Every time I want to watch Japanese dramas, I have to find very trouble one by one. The most important thing is not to know whether it looks good. So next, I will teach you how to find the latest good Japanese TV series.





Open our artifact ~ and click on the option in the red box.


On this page, click again on the area in the red box.


On the search page, search for two words in Japanese. Then find the name only two words in Japanese. (When adding, check the description to see if it is consistent with the one in my picture, and this one is certified)


And when you click on it, this is the page. Don't make a mistake. If you're sure, you can add it.


After entering, the key step comes, and then type riju in the input box and send, the latest good Japanese drama will come out. 1, the latest Japanese dramas here are more beautiful, and the time of coming out is almost synchronized with Japan. 2, the Japanese dramas here are a collection of all the Japanese dramas on the market at present, do not go to find one by one, each time to see whether there is an update, just need to come here to see it. 3, finally find their favorite Japanese TV series, and then use the computer can download and watch.

Matters needing attention

When adding, please note that the name is only two words in Japanese.


When getting Japanese drama, pay attention to the four letters r, i, j, u, oh, not Chinese characters, don't lose wrong ha ~